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My first James Bond album is released!
You can get "Status 00" via Loudr or itunes.


A lot is going on in my little music world. After succesfully being a part of GoldenEye: Source and still having fun with it, I`ve had a lot of other projects going on. Several independent movies and some mod work kept me up to date and helped me to improve my skills.

Currently I'm having a lot of fun composing for the source conversion of the James Bond classic Nightfire. My goal is to recreate the atmosphere of all the game classics, take the best from all and bring it to 2013. The possiblity to create my own James Bond soundtrack for a game is a huge step and a lot of fun.


Soon my first James Bond album will appear on itunes and So stay tuned!

So have fun on this page feel free to write me.



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